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About Us

The Athletes Clinic is a sports chiropractic and physical therapy practice in Charlotte, North Carolina. Lifelong athlete and chiropractic specialist Amanda Wiechens, DC, works with patients at all levels of physical fitness to reduce pain and perform at their best in their physical activities of choice.

Dr. Wiechens relates to her patients and knows that continued training is imperative. She helps her patients safely ease back to comfortable activity levels after they experience acute injuries or chronic conditions that cause back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, headaches, or temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ).

Starting with an initial consultation, patients receive in-depth, individualized care at The Athletes Clinic. They have detailed evaluations, which often include diagnostic tests like Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) movement screenings, the McKenzie Method® to evaluate disk pain, and digital X-rays.

Using noninvasive therapies and techniques, The Athletes Clinic helps patients work toward reasonable treatment goals and avoid surgery. Advanced therapies available include dry needling, chiropractic care, Active Release Technique®, electrostimulation, and physical therapy.

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Our Mission

At The Athletes Clinic, everyone is an athlete. Our mission is to work with athletes who have had negative changes in their daily lives, whether that be in their occupation, normal daily activities, or in their sport/fitness routine, and help them transform their lives to be pain free and perform better than ever. Our goal is to not only live pain free but to also help you to move better and live a healthier lifestyle.




At your first appointment, we will spend a significant amount of time discussing what brought you in as well as how we could potentially help you. We believe in taking time to get to know our patients and we believe in you getting to know us as well. We begin with a thorough health history to learn more about you and what is bringing you in to see us. Then, we go through an examination to determine the diagnosis. Once we diagnose the injury or concern, then we will discuss our treatment options and walk you through your individualized treatment plan. Your doctor will further explain your needed frequency of care. Please call or email with any further questions.

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