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Until you have neck pain, you probably won’t realize how much you move your neck during the course of a day. If you do have neck pain, you’ll be only too aware of the limitations it causes as well as the discomfort, but Amanda Wiechens, DC, and the team at The Athletes Clinic in Charlotte, North Carolina, can help. The team has exceptional skills in using chiropractic adjustments to relieve the causes of neck pain. Call the office or request an appointment online today.

Neck Pain Q&A

What causes neck pain?

Neck pain most often occurs because of damage to the cervical (neck) vertebrae, soft tissues, or discs. Stress and tension are common causes of neck pain, as they make your muscles tighten and can lead to the development of knotted muscle fibers. Some other common causes of neck pain include:

  • Muscle or tendon strains
  • Sprained ligaments
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Herniated cervical discs
  • Bone spurs
  • Whiplash injuries
  • Cervical spondylosis
  • Cervical stenosis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis

Any misalignment of the vertebrae in your neck or pressure from inflamed tissues can cause nerve compression due to the numerous nerves branching off from the central spinal cord. Nerve compression is a frequent source of neck pain, as well as tingling, numbness, and loss of function in your hands and arms.

How is neck pain treated?

In order to treat your neck pain effectively, The Athletes Clinic needs to find what’s causing the pain. During your initial visit, your provider sits down and talks with you about your condition. They recommend digital X-rays, if needed, and offer treatment specifically to remedy your condition.

The Athletes Clinic uses multiple methods to treat neck pain, including:

  • Chiropractic adjustments
  • Spinal decompression 
  • Electrostimulation
  • Laser therapy
  • Therapeutic ultrasound
  • Physical Therapy
  • Active Release Technique®

They combine in-office treatment sessions with exercises and teach you how to exercise at home as well for the best results. 

The practice has special expertise in treating problems caused by herniated discs, which are a common cause of neck pain. They can eliminate disc pain using natural methods that can help you avoid the use of prescription painkillers or the need for spinal surgery.

How do I prevent neck pain?

As so many causes of neck pain relate to how you use your neck and look after it, there are many ways in which you can prevent neck pain.

Bad posture is a common problem, so thinking about how you hold your neck and not falling into bad habits is an excellent place to start. If you’re carrying anything, spread the weight evenly across your shoulders, and don’t overload your purse or shoulder bag.

Try to avoid bending your neck into an awkward position, like attempting to hold the phone between your ear and your shoulder or sleeping with your head at an odd angle. Keeping everything in line and avoiding strain on your neck stops soft tissue damage and prevents the vertebrae from becoming misaligned.

Don’t forget the importance of stress management to stop muscle tension, which can cause headaches in addition to neck pain. Exercising your neck to keep it strong and supple can also help prevent injuries. Activities like yoga and Pilates can achieve both these goals.

The team at The Athletes Clinic can help and advise you on how to look after your neck. Call the office to learn more or request an appointment online today.